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    Albert H. Smith, PH.D., CEAP

  Surviving Divorce
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Helping Couples, Children and Families Survive Divorce

Dr. Smith is trained family mediator. He has written and taught classes for divorcing parents of young children for the Tennessee civil courts.

Marriage counseling works. But when it does not, it is important to deal with divorce in a reasonable way that minimizes the stress on couples and avoids costly litigation. Counseling helps with:

  • Mediating disagreements to avoid legal battles
  • Getting past the anger
  • Dealing with life after separation
  • Being single again
  • Dealing with the remarriage of a spouse
  • Getting on with your life after a divorce
  • Starting to date again
  • The role of a step-parent
  • Building a good relationship with step-children

Dr. Smith written and taught classes for divorcing parents of young kids. There is nothing inherent in a divorce that will seriously harm children. The harm for kids comes from how the divorce is handled by the parents. Even the best parents can benefit form coaching on how to manage a divorce so that it minimizes the disruption to their children’s lives. Counseling helps couples with:

  • Telling children about an impending divorce
  • Making healthy arrangements for custody and visitation
  • Dealing with shared responsibility and decision making
  • Dealing with school functions and other times that the whole family must be together
  • Minimizing conflict between parents that can harm children

Children often benefit from brief counseling to help them understand several important issues that surround the divorce of their parents:

  • The divorce was not their fault
  • There was nothing they could have done to prevent the divorce
  • Their life will go on in a healthy way and they will come through the experience okay
  • They must not let their own lives or school performance fall apart because their parents are splitting up

If you are getting divorced, or if a recent divorce is causing problems for you or your kids, please give us a call. Divorce counseling is essential for even the best parents. It is usually fairly short and to the point. It helps.