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    Albert H. Smith, PH.D., CEAP

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Marriage and Relationship Counseling

Problems in relationships are one of the most common reasons people seek psychological counseling. The fear of losing a wife, husband or significant other is one of the most basic human concerns. The good news is that most relationships can be saved.

It is very common for a relationship problem to bring a couple to counseling. But most couples are surprised to learn that the problem that brought them to counseling is very often the “wake up call” that led them to a genuine improvement in their relationship. Communication problems get solved, “baggage” from old relationships gets removed and couples are much happier and able to find a much higher level of emotional intimacy.

Common problems brought to Dr. Smith include

  • Saving a relationship after Infidelity
  • Eliminating or reducing the chance of continued infidelity
  • Problems in communication
  • Alcohol or drug addiction and its effect on relationships
  • Problems of step-parenting
  • Dealing with divorce or separation
  • Reducing the negative impact of divorce or separation on children
  • Couples who are “growing apart”
  • Reducing the impact of anger in relationships

Every relationship is unique. But most of the problems are not as uncommon as people suppose. Counseling helps.

Dr. Smith has over 30 years of experience helping couples. If you are worried about your relationship, please call.