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    Albert H. Smith, PH.D., CEAP

  Bariatric Surgery
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Why do you need a psychological evaluation before having bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgeries change people's lives for the better.  But, as with any life-changing procedure, there are psychological factors that can both help and hurt their chances for success.  These factors can impact how you adjust to the changes in your lifestyle that will follow the procedure and can even impact the ultimate outcome. For this reason, many surgeons and insurance companies require psychological testing prior to approving this kind of surgery.
This is not intended to keep you from having the surgery.
Our goal is to identify steps that you and your doctor can take to increase the likelihood of success.  Because of this, our clients have their surgery approved, enjoy a successful outcome, and achieve their weight loss goals.

What will happen at the evaluation?

You can expect to spend a total of about two and a half hours.  You will meet with the doctor for about an hour, and you can complete some simple psychological tests at our office anytime that is convenient for you.
Before we finalize a report for your doctor or insurance company, we will go over the results and any recommendations that we have made. In this way you will know what you can do to assure the best possible psychological response to the surgery and to the subsequent lifestyle changes it will require.
Finally, after the surgery is complete, we like to meet with our clients again to answer any questions that may have come up, and to be sure that things are going well.

What about insurance and cost?

Most insurance plans cover this type of evaluation.  Many even require it before they approve the surgery.  Our experience conducting these evaluations allows us to answer the questions your insurance company will have and to address their concerns so that they can approve the procedure without any problems or delays.
With regard to cost, we will work with your insurance company to assure that the evaluation is covered, or we will work with you to make sure that the evaluation is affordable.

Finally, don’t worry!

Even if you have never met with a psychologist before, please don’t be apprehensive. Most people find the whole process simple, enjoyable and informative.