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    Albert H. Smith, PH.D., CEAP

  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Issues
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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Issues

Experience and Background
Dr. Smith has assessed and treated alcohol and drug dependence for years. He managed drug treatment programs in Texas and Tennessee, is his role as a Certified Employee Assistance Professional and deals with alcohol and drug issues on a regular basis. He is trained as a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) and works closely with local treatment programs and 12 step recovery groups.

If you are concerned about your own drug or alcohol use, or if you are concerned about a loved one, please give us a call.

How can the family help?
Many times recovery begins with  a concerned family member.  We very often hear, “My spouse needs help, but would never come talk to anyone.”  That’s okay.  Let’s start with the concerned family member and work from there.  Recovery is contagious!  It can start when anyone who cares takes the first step.